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Ride On Poker

Procedure of Player
The play starts with the player placing three equal wagers on the bet spot. The dealer then deals three cards face up to the player and 2 community cards face down. After the player receives the first three cards he or she has the choice to take one if the bets back or "Ride On" - leave the bet in place. The dealer then turns over one of the two community cards and the player has the option to pull out another bet or "Ride On." The player may leave the bet in or take it out the second time regardless of their first decision. The final community card is then flipped and the player is paid according to the payoff table.

There is a maximum amount that the player can win on any single hand. This amount is displayed within the game play screen.

Progessive Jackpot
There is a side bet available to the player that is played outside of the dealer's hand. Regardless of what the dealer's hand is or whether or not the dealer qualifies, the player is still has a chance of winning based on the value of the player's hand. The player is required to have a minimum of a flush to win. This bet is made by clicking on the On/Off button to the right of the progessive jackpot meter. If the button displays "On" then the player will be participating in progressive wager for each hand. If the button displays "Off" then the player will not be eligible for progressive jackpot wins. The progressive jackpot side bet costs $1.00 per hand.

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